We The Voters Are At Fault

By Michael Smith, on Oct 17, 2011

We the voters are at fault for the individuals in the county legislature. We elected legislators who thought it was a great idea to put sex offender housing right across the street from a children's hospital. This county elected a state senator from Westchester, an alumnus of the Westchester County Legislature, who thought it would be a great idea to impose a soda tax. Pepsi is one of most prominent employers and taxpayers in Westchester County. How would it impact the economic model of Westchester if Pepsi was to relocate to one of 49 other states?

We elected legislators who in the rush-rush redistricting process gerrymandered the Democratic board chairman into his real district and a Republican candidate out of his, and used as their consultant an individual who's been involved in lawsuits against Westchester County. This alleged nonpartisan consultant called the League of Women Voters “crybabies” when they thought the process was not appropriately handled. 

The future of our district lies in the hands of the voters. I ask for you to show your support for Rob Astorino’s vision and I ask for you, your families and your friends to come to the polls and vote for Michael Smith. I can make a difference.

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